Origin and Background of AIDMAM

All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch (AIDMAM) is a movement initiated and promoted by NCDHR (National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights) at the national level to focus exclusively on Dalit women. Its genesis is rooted in an attempt to address severe vulnerabilities faced by the 80 million Dalit women and girls who are socially excluded and lie at the bottom of India’s caste, class and gender hierarchies.

Our Aims

AIDMAM aims to support and strengthen Dalit women to address violence and access justice and rights through networking, enhancing skills and leadership at district and state level. AIDMAM’s objective is to Empower Dalit Women to challenge against Caste, Class and Patriarchal Norms. Support Dalit Women to liberate Dalit Women from their multi-dimensional issues.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bihar Case Study

Case Study of Bindadeyara Panchayat
(Bariyarpur, Munger Bihar)

Baby Kumari, 36 years, is an active Mukhiya in her Panchayat, she is the only lady (Mukhiya) who is highly educated having the qualification of M.A, B.Ed. Baby Kumari contested and won the election from general seat of Mukhiya in 2006 election. Her husband (Advt. Arvind Kumar) is a former Mukhiya, who always supported and motivated her wife in performing her tasks as a Mukhiya in panchayat.

Before getting elected as Mukhiya, she was not fully aware of the duties and tasks of a Mukhiya. But once she has been elected as Mukhiya, she fulfilled her duties well and was really concerned about her community. Though she does not visit the panchayat samiti or block office quite often on her own, her mobility is not restricted by any means. Whenever required, she can go to these offices on her own. The government officials are also cooperative towards her and help her get all the information she requires, listen to her problems, and give necessary guidance whenever it is necessary.

Some of the major development jobs, carried out by Baby Kumari in her Panchayat:

• Distribution of Smart Cards (Medical Insurance Cards)
• Opening Bank accounts in several committees
• Opening of Anganwadi in Panchyat
• Allotment of 150 Indira Awas
• Old age Pension to 26 members belonging to SC and 29 belonging to general category.
• Submission of the forms in blocks for widow pensions
• Provided Scholarships to 86 Mushers children
• Provided 2000 job cards
• Repair of 6 bridges in village
• 300 hand pumps
• 35 village streets

The panchayat members appreciate her for her good work and her decision making abilities. People have high regard for her because of her work. She expressed with confidence that for the next election definitely she will win, but she believes that she would be able to perform in a more effective manner if more information and understanding regarding the roles and responsibilities of a panchayat are given to her without her husband’s support.

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