Origin and Background of AIDMAM

All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch (AIDMAM) is a movement initiated and promoted by NCDHR (National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights) at the national level to focus exclusively on Dalit women. Its genesis is rooted in an attempt to address severe vulnerabilities faced by the 80 million Dalit women and girls who are socially excluded and lie at the bottom of India’s caste, class and gender hierarchies.

Our Aims

AIDMAM aims to support and strengthen Dalit women to address violence and access justice and rights through networking, enhancing skills and leadership at district and state level. AIDMAM’s objective is to Empower Dalit Women to challenge against Caste, Class and Patriarchal Norms. Support Dalit Women to liberate Dalit Women from their multi-dimensional issues.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Punjab Case Study

Case Study of Rangad Pindi Panchayat
(Dina Nagar, Gurudaspur, Punjab)

I am Surista Devi, 44 years old. I am a house wife and a Dalit woman sarpanch from Rangad Pindi panchayat, Dina Nagar, Gurudaspur and I belong to the Ramdasiya community. I have been to school and passed my 10th degree. I have been inspired to contest the election from my father and my family who have been participating in the political life for the last 40 years. My husband, Khajan Chandra is working as a government employee and he always guided me. I also have the support of my son in my Panchayat work.

Whenever any scheme is coming, I know about it because I am taking the information from my father and the other Sarpanches. Until now I got 50,000 Rs under NREGA and 6.50 lakhs from the state government which were spent for the building of streets and drains, 1.50 lakh is left. I also got TSC fund of 51000 Rs.

Dominant caste people (the Rajputs) are raising the problem of land; they want to hire the SC land and have already built a temple on this land. I never raised any Dalit issues but I want to work to solve this problem. All the funds coming for the development work are spent only for the Dalit community. Panchayat members are supporting me because I am doing my work timidly.

However, I am not finding the budget according to the proposals because the money is in the hands of the MLA. Moreover the government officials are not supportive, and to try to get something I have to meet them again and again. For example, when we are receiving a cheque, it becomes invalid after 6 months.

I will fight the next election. After 30 years of non development work in the Panchayat, I want to make a good cremation ground. I want to create a Community hall, a Panchayat hall and toilets and homes for all Dalit people. But to succeed, we all have to work with our full energy and strength without being influenced by anyone.

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