Origin and Background of AIDMAM

All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch (AIDMAM) is a movement initiated and promoted by NCDHR (National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights) at the national level to focus exclusively on Dalit women. Its genesis is rooted in an attempt to address severe vulnerabilities faced by the 80 million Dalit women and girls who are socially excluded and lie at the bottom of India’s caste, class and gender hierarchies.

Our Aims

AIDMAM aims to support and strengthen Dalit women to address violence and access justice and rights through networking, enhancing skills and leadership at district and state level. AIDMAM’s objective is to Empower Dalit Women to challenge against Caste, Class and Patriarchal Norms. Support Dalit Women to liberate Dalit Women from their multi-dimensional issues.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Orissa Case Study

Case Study of Sagarpasi Panchayat
(Sadar Block, Dhenkanal, Orissa)

I am Kaushalya Nayak, 27 years old. I am a dalit woman sarpanch from Sagarpasi panchayat (Nathua village), Sadar block-Dhenkanal and I belong to the Pana community. I am a metric pass and a housewife. I was inspired by the village people and my husband to contest the election. I attend by myself the gram sabha, palli sabha and different committee meetings in the Panchayat. Untouchability and discriminations still exist in my panchayat.

People do meet each other but no dalit can enter the kitchen of upper caste people. However, government officials always help me in taking decisions related to panchayat work and in organizing the panchayat meetings.

In my panchayat, schemes are being run properly but there are no specific development projects for dalit people, students and dalit women. My husband and the panchayat officer-executive give me information about the schemes and programs running in the panchayat. BDO, Gram Sachiv gives me information about schemes. My community and my husband help me in the panchayat work, and I do get money from the government.

However, there has been a case of using abusive language by dominant caste people against Anganwadi workers. I raised the issue but upper caste people fought with me and used abusive language.
I lodged a FIR at the police station but till this date the accused is not arrested. So I am unable to go to panchayat office. I am now facing this problem for last one and half year. There is no separate institution for the dalit women sarpanches.

I am interested to work for the empowerment of Dalit women and open an institution of self-development for them. I will fight the next election and try to make money for the panchayat by planting cashew nut trees. Do the panchayat work with confidence!

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